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Christ of the Deep Christian Art Gift Ideas

Christ of the Deep Christian Art

How Was Christ of the Deep Christian Art Created? 

Hawaii artist Thomas Deir was fascinated by the concept of a submerged statue off the Florida Keys. The statue is called Christ of the Abyss and brings to mind the spiritual feat of conquering the depths of Hell. Some refer to this statue as Christ of the Deep.

Thomas Deir made a pilgrimage to the Florida Keys in order to have a first-hand account of the Christ statue. As a watersport and diving enthusiast, the artist literally dove into the research of the submerged statue.

After many dives and on-dry-land sketches, he felt confident to return to his home to complete the original painting, Christ of the Deep.

His first-hand experience and artistic creativity created a powerfully inspirational expression.

What Are Christ of the Deep Christian Art Gift Ideas

You can check out Thomas Deir Studios ecommerce website for inspiration and gift ideas for your gift giving needs this Holiday Season.

Christ of the Deep Christian Art Gift Ideas include Giclee canvas prints, the original painting, tile murals, and matted gift prints. 

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You can mix and match the matted prints - just select from our wide variety of fine art prints. 

Regular price for 11 in. x 14 in. matted print is $25 each plus shipping and handling. Shipping cost is $15 for 1-4 matted prints. 


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