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About Us

Hawaii artist Thomas Deir, founder of Thomas Deir Studios has an attitude of gratefulness and deep appreciation for the beauty of Hawaii. This is the center of our values at Thomas Deir Studios.

Our founder’s unique approach to producing artwork always begins from the inside and is expressed on the outside. Thomas Deir’s positive approach to life and deep love of Hawaii is evident in his artwork. Our team of artisans and craftspeople share Thomas Deir’s core values. 

Our mission is to lead a positive life. To believe in the good in people; to be kind, compassionate, humble and patient. To think of consequences when making decisions, and to recognize mistakes as an opportunity to learn. To strive for perfection, then be satisfied because you have done your best and nothing is perfect. To know that gratitude is the key to happiness and that discipline is the key to success.

Our commitment is to provide you with excellent, professional artwork and customer service. That translates to unmatched value for the quality of work delivered and is certain to increase the value of your home or business.