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Tropical Vacation

Tropical Vacation Tile Mural

$ 422.66

Serene tropical beach scene art from Thomas Deir Studios. This artistic tile mural is reproduced from an original tropical beach painting by tile mural artist Thomas Deir. 

Tile art by Thomas Deir Studios is washable and easy to maintain.

Tile murals offer unique applications to home decor. They enhance entryways, kitchen backsplash, bathroom and shower walls, and other living areas.

Each mural features artwork reproduced on quality ceramic tile.

Tile mural reproductions cannot be placed in direct sunlight.

If you want a tile mural in direct sunlight, please contact Thomas Deir Studios via email at or call 1-844-841-1549.

Tile Size corresponds with Tile Mural Size as listed below: 

Tile Size Tile Mural Size
4.25" 25.5" w x 12.75" h
6" 36 " w x 18" h
8" 48" w x 24" h
12" 72" w x 36" h


Ships: Within 3 weeks.

Shipping and Handling Fees: A separate charge, AFTER purchase of the tile mural.

A representative will contact you to assess shipping and handling fees. The charge will occur with your approval BEFORE shipment.

Custom tile murals are available upon request. For custom requests, please email us at or call toll-free 1-844-841-1549.

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