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Hokule'a 16x20 Painting

Hokule'a 16x20 Painting

$ 1,800.00

Hokule'a 16x20 painting is an original painting by Hawaii artist Thomas Deir. Each reproduction is unique with hand painted embellishments and signed by the artist.  Literally meaning "Star of Gladness," Hokule'a is the name of the Voyaging Society's Inaugural voyaging canoe which made its first journey to Tahiti navigating solely by stars in 1976.  The stars show the northern sky, with the Big Dipper straight up, and the Little Dipper below with the North Star shining brightly between the masts of the Hokule'a.

Thomas will personalize the back of the painting at no charge!  (Some ideas for a personalized message: "Aloha from Hawaii, Michelle")

Media: UV Varnished Canvas Painting 

Stretched Canvas Size: 16 in. wide x 20 in. high  


Custom orders are available upon request. For custom requests, please email us at or call toll-free 1-808-783-1885.

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