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Tile Murals

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Tile murals by tile mural artist Thomas Deir are a washable and unique application to home decor. They enhance entryways, kitchen backsplash, bathroom and shower walls, and outdoor patios and pool areas.

The same passion driving Thomas Deir to create original Hawaii art paintings opened the door to create quality tile murals. In Hawaii, he is well known as a tile mural artist. In fact, the artist and his team of artisans and craftspeople have installed countless tile murals in homes, businesses, and public places across Hawaii.

He began creating tile murals with a hand-painted approach. Print technology has improved to such a degree that today many of his original paintings are reproduced on ceramic tile. The cost is considerably more affordable than Thomas Deir’s hand painted tile murals.

Tile Mural Reproductions are featured here on this Thomas Deir Studios website. Each mural features artwork reproduced on quality, ceramic tile.

Custom tile murals are available upon request. For custom requests, please email us at or call us at 1-808-783-1885.