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Hawaii Abstract Paintings

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Hawaii abstract paintings collection

Hawaii Abstract Paintings - new artistic style

Hawaii Abstract Paintings collection is a departure from the realistic tropical artwork that helped launch Thomas Deir's popularity. The abstract paintings embrace Hawaii's beauty. The Hawaii artist is best known for his realism technique of capturing Hawaii subject matter on canvas and tile murals.

The new artistic style continues Thomas Deir's expression of deep gratitude for the beauty of the islands and his positive approach to life. The artist’s passion is to create original, permanent, Hawaii art paintings that will last for generations.

Hawaii Abstract Paintings original acrylic paintings on canvas.

When completed, original paintings will be featured here, on the Thomas Deir Studios website. When an original painting is sold, the price will not be displayed. If there is a "$0" price, only giclee canvas prints will be available to purchase.

Commissioned original paintings are available upon request. For custom requests, please email us at or call toll-free 1-808-261-7122.